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Zanjon de Granados (Granados's Gorge)

Highlights of Buenos Aires + Arquelogy. Tunnels & Mystery. A voyage into the origins of the city. A magical space where poetry, history and myth coexist.

Located in the ancient San Telmo, Zanjon de Granados (Granados's Gorge) is famous for the historical tunnels hidden inside.

Buenos Aires was founded in 1580 and during most of our past, the population was concentrated in the South (PLaza de Mayo and San Telmo).

Excavations in the 1830 old mansion led to the uncovering of the ancient Zanjón (gorge) which extended over the whole length of the square. Belonging to a wealthy family with six slaves in 1860, the property was turned into a tenement by 1890.

After more than 20 years of restoration, it is now part of "El Zanjón - Idea Site" that includes three buildings and is internationally recognized as an archaeological site of the city.

At present, El Zanjón exhibits a unique urban archeology project and a glimpse into the past of Buenos Aires, In here, you will know about those inhabitants of the XVIII and XIX Century, about their uses, and firstly, how they get and treat water.

Let yourself be guided with the tales left to us by the old storytellers and enjoy the unexpected: Doña María and the sunken bed, Anacleto wandering under the city and many more stories... that sound unbelievable but happen to be true...

The Owners of El Zanjon also manage "casa minima" another historical and courious tiny house from the XIX century

Private City Tour Tunnels & Mystery USD 162 total for 2 people

VisitOld Buenos Aires: Plaza de Mayo, Cathedral, San Telmo & La Boca (colorful old tennement houses) + Zanjon de Granados (entrance fee to El Zanjon included). Private Tour, private car.

Every day, morning or afternoong, you choose starting time.

A cistern inside Granados's Gorge Arqueology in Buenos Aires The canyon roof od Zanjon de Granados, San Telmo, Buenos Aires Zanjon de Granados (Granados' gorge, San Telmo, Buenos Aires The walls of Zanjon de Granados, a historical house Zanjon de Granados (Granados' gorge, San Telmo, Buenos Aires) Tunnels of Buenos Aires Ancient Tunnels Casa Minima, San Telmo, Buenos Aires the Historical Tunnels in San Telmo, Buenos Aires the Zanjon de Granados before restoration Nice spaces in Zanjon de Granados The old walls of Zanjon de Granados Arqueology: Ancient cisterns in Buenos Aires Arqueology & Ancient cisterns in Buenos Aires The Zanjon (gorge) before restoration Old Tunnels of Zanjon de Granados, Buenos Aires Nice rooms for events in Zanjon de Granados San Telmo, Buenos Aires the bridge of Barraca de Peña Station, La Boca the bridge of Barraca de Peña Station, La Boca the bridge of Barraca de Peña Station, La Boca

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