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Where to see Tango in Buenos Aires?

Watch a review of Tango Shows in Buenos Aires and choose the one you enjoy the most

Bar Sur

Remarkable coffestore since 1967. The tippical classic tango bar, live music and kind dancers. Small place, its like going back on time to the begginings of tango where to be talented was a must

It doesn't have fixed arrival time nor ending. The house opens at 9 pm untill 2 am. You go on you own at any time you want between 9 pm and 11:30 pm and you leave the time you like.

Price USD 75 per person, show + dinner, without transfers nor drinks. Book with us and get 10% discount

Our Favourite. If you are looking for the real local tango, this is the place

Homero Manzi's Corner

Very tippical argentine tango in a big place with stage. In here, you are going to know the real tango, elegant and not common. This place is a tribute to the singer Homero Manzi, who wrote the famous song "Sur"

Good food and good Service

Check for prices and descounts

Tanguero Lunch on Sundays.

Our Favourite

Catulo Tango

Good & Cheap

Another very tippical tango show, Perfect if you already know tango.

Located in Abasto, where Carlos Gardel live his childhood

The place is correct and has good service and good food

Nice, good and cheap

Price USD 50 (Approximate) per person

Tango La Nacional

Fridays & Saturdays

A very nice show. First row. The place to live the true Tango. In here you wil watch a live show about Tradictional Tango show and Tango stage.

People can enjoy Tango Lesons and the posibility to stay in the Milonga, the place where locals dance tango

USD 55 it includes transportation, Tango lesson, dinner with drinks, Tango Show with live music, and Milonga (you are free to use the stage and practice Tango with locals)

Special price, Book now!! USD 45 per person

Cafe de los Angelitos

An old remarkable coffestore with an elegant decoration that recreates the atmosphere and the environment of the beggining of 20th century.

One of the best things of this place is the food. You will be able to choose between delicious home made pasta, very good quality bistec or other gourmet dishes a and tippical deserts.

Ornamentation is also something good to apreciate: it is decorated in a chic and fine combination of celorious and golden

Chosen by many visitors

Price USD 95 (cash) USD 110 (Credit Card) per person

La Ventana

The favorite part of the people who come here is the folklore play, maybe beacause of the carisma of the dancer

As many other Tango Shows, it has a play inspired in The musical "Evita"

The arquitecture of the place is a tiipical building from the XIX Century. Staying there is like going back to a jesuit monastery of the XVIII century, under the tippical voult archs

Not recommended for aged people, tall or with generous proporcions

Price USD 100 per person

Tango Porteño

An old theatre transformed into a Tango Show.

Besides being huge, it preserves the plan of a cinema. That permites a good view wherever you are.

The many dancers and musicians are very comfortable in a stage of geneous measures.

Absolutely, the best place in town to see a Tango Show. And perfect if you are with kids

Our Favourite. If you are looking for the real local tango, this is the place

Glitter, beauty, carisma, are to be seen in this show

Service is excelent, same as food

Perfect location, along the 9th of July Av.

From USD 20 per person

El Viejo Almacén

Another tango show located in a old restored building from the XIX Century, the place used to be many things in the past from a warehouse to a makeshift hospital.

Dinner is in the amplious restaurant in front. They serve delicious opcions, and the service is also excelent

The show is actually tippical tango, it's like being in an old bar of the beggining of tango

Famous place, chosen by many visitors

Price USD 100

Get your discount for booking with us

Esquina Carlos Gardel

At present The show is located at Piazola Tango

USD 95 per person. Get here your discount

El Querandi

A remarkable Coffeestore located in the ancient part of Buenos Aires

Dancers know very well how to solve a small stage and a original old column in the middle, That is something makes the show spaecial.

Our favourite part is the play inspire in the movie with "por una cabeza" from Carlos Gardel

But maybe the best thing is the food: there is a great variety of delicious and handmade meals

Price USD 90 per person

Piazzolla Tango

Piazzolla Tango is a real teatre located inside the Stunning Guemes Galery, an art noveau landmark

This place used to be a Theatre Moulin Rouge Style during the beggining of XX Century. At present, fortunately, has been restaured preserving its delicated ornamentation and fantastic boxes where today the VIP seats are located

Dinner is delicious and the service is also excelent

The show is very nice, the fact of beeing a theatre provides the people a fantastic view. Music is from the talented Astor Piazzolla

Open every day. Pick up from 7 pm. Trasnportation, dinner & drinks included

USD 95 per person. Get here your discount

Madero Tango

Big Place, it has the nicest view to Puerto Madero

As a very popular place, some nights it gets crowdy. 98% of the guest are from Brazil.

Guests can pay extra money for a better location and more elaborated menu.

It has a perfect location, in front of the canal of Puerto Madero.

Super Sale!! USD 43 per person

VIP location USD 65 per person

Do the Tangos permit kids? Yes they permite, however, kids tend to get bored and some shows are too sensual ... It is not the case of Tango Porteño. Although at the beggining Tangos were for adults, Tango Porteño has a show with humor and more similar to a Musical Comedy

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