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¿What to see en Buenos Aires?

Plan your own itineary with many stops

The Congress of Argentina

The National Congress. (The Parlament)

The National Congress is a stunning buiding in an Eclectic Greco Roman style finished off at the beggining of the XX Century

It was design by Vittorio Meano, the same arquitect who worked in the construction of the Teatro Colon.

The Argentine Congress is bicameral, composed by the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The ordinary sessions are from March 1st to November 30th. The last big demostration was in 2018 due to the law of the abortion, finally rejected by the upper camera

This bulding is one of the atractions to see during our private city tour but on Saturdays and Sundays

If you want to include this attraction durisg your tour in Buenos Aires, please, let us know.

Retiro Train Station, Buenos Aires

The Stunning Retiro Train Station, symbol of the "Belle Epoque"

This huge Train Station is an authentic example of the french influence that Argentina Recieved between 1880 and 1930

Visiting inside is like going back to the time of the trends brought from France

At present, Retiro is one the biggest train station in Latin America, having 3 big branches which transports more than 1 million people a day

To be visited during a customized and longer city tour or a walking tour, everyday.

Abasto district, Buenos Aires

Abasto Neighbourhood: Modern Imigration and Tango

Abasto is a Neighbourhood of Contrast: modern edifications including the old central market transformed into a mall, and old "conventillo houses" ocupied by imigrants most of them from Peru and Bolivia

Abasto is also the place where the talented Garlos Gardel lived: The story is similar to other genious: he born in a very poor family but soon, thanks to the music industry, he became the most succcesfull tango singer of the XX Century.

He bought the House located at 744 Jean Jaures St. to his mother of gratituite for her effort in bringing up him.

That house homes today the Museum of Carlos Gardel. His favourites clothes and hats, many pictures, documents and many other elements are display in this historical place

Walking tours upon request, whatssApp +54 9 11 7034 7180

a tippical street in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

San Telmo

San Telmo is at the present time, a trendy neighbourhood with plenty of ancient but restaured houses from the end of the XIX Century

This Neighbourhood, like Abasto, is a mixture between the old and the modern: Old edifications were transformed into a modern coffe-stores, however, you can cross the street and have a coffe at one ancient and "remarkable" coffestore

San Telmo is also famous for the the antique market on Sundays. It consists in a 1,5 km long market where you can find everything: from antiqueties, to food and many many original handicrafts (including old lovable toys from the 80´s)

The neigbourhood is visited everyday during city tour , Market only on Sundays

Stunning Stairs at the Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires

The Teatro Colon, our Opera House

Situated on the wide July de 9th Avenue, 2 blocks from the obelisc and in the center of the city, The Teatro Colon is the most important opera house in Argentina

It is in between the best in the world thanks to its perfect acoustic

The beautiful bulding was desinged by Vittorio Meano, same arquitect of the Parlament, and finished in 1908

In 2008, Teatro Colon closed to have a long restauration: the seats, the courtain and many other machines were changed for modern ones

At Present, Teatro Colon is active. They offer opera, ballet and the very complete tours inside the buildings, done by their own tour guides

We can include a tour inside this fantastic place during a customized and longer city tour everyday

The Mausoleum of Jose de San Martin, Cathedral of Buenos Aires

The Metropolitan Cathedral

The church of Pope Francis, this temple is still on use

This amazing building is located at Plaza de Mayo.

Its Arquitecture is very particular: Built in the XVIII century by the Jesuits Fathers, whenn you look at the facade it seems a museum or any other institution rather than a Cathedral. However, inside it is really precious: its ornamentation has been done french rococo with elements of the classical barroque

In here is where is located the Mausoleum of Jose de San Martin, the supreme independence hero of Argentina, Chile and Peru. The picturesque change of guard happens at odd hours

We visit it during the everyday city tour

The Ateneo bookstore, Buenos Aires

The Ateneo Bookstore

The Ateneo is big bookstore situated in Recoleta, Buenos Aires

The building was designed in Art Noveau Style and opened as a theatre called "Gran Splendid" in May 1919. The ecleticist building features ceiling frescoes painted by the Italian artist Nazareno Orlandi and caryatids sculpted by Troiano Troiani.

The building was leased by Grupo Ilhsa (wich owns many shopping malls) in February 2000. El Ateneo Grand Splendid sold over 700,000 books in 2007; in addition over a million people walk through its doors annually (including many tourists).

Todays the bookstore can be visited from Monday to thursday from 9am to 10pm and Fridays and Staurdys from 9 am to 12 am, Sundays from 12 pm to 10 pm.

It can be visited during the city tour . Everyday, but upon request

A fair trade market in Buenos Aires

The Federal Market

The Federal Market is a new fair trade market located in Palermo, just behind the Planetarium.

Located under the archs of the railroad, this place was during many years acroached by people doing bike rental.

The area has been recovered recently and it has a beautiful vegetable garden, where the residents of Buenos Aires can breed their vegetables.

Apart of that, this new market offers a wide variety of local products, such us dulce de leche, alfajores, yerba mate, wines, sugar and species among others.

The surprise is the coffee-store, assisted by deaf people, in a way to include them into the white market without loosing their pension.

The art-craft shop is also worthy to visit: ponchos, shoes, native accessories and many art-crafts in wood are to be seen.

All the shops in this place work under fair trade market rules. The mayoralty is the institution which provides organization, logistics, part of the administration and facilities for the entrepreneurship people.

It can be visited during a longer city tour . Everyday

The Botanical Garden of Buenos Aires

The Botanical Garden

Located in the trendy Palermo neighborhood, exactly in Plaza Italia (very close from Plaza Italia Station, Subway Line D), this park has 17.241 acres and holds approximately 5.500 species of plants from the five continents, trees and shrubs, as well as a number of sculptures, monuments and five greenhouses.

Be amazed by the magnificent tudor-style building, the headquarters of the Park. The must-see attractions inside this park are: the roman garden with the unmistakable roman wolf; and many cypresses, poplars, and laurels, the same species of trees that the first century Roman botanist Pliny the Younger had in his villa in the Apennine mountains.

Also the French garden is a must, with a original art-noveau hothouse exhibited and prizewinning in the Exposition Universelle of Paris of 1900.

But, there is a place very typical and very local: the place where the Yerba mate grows.

Free entrance. Opens everyday except on Monday

Visit it with our 1 hour guided tour, upon request on, whatssApp +54 9 11 7034 7180

Prices from USD 7 per person.

Restaurtant in Caminito, Buenos Aires

Club Zarate Restaurant. Caminito St (The colorful houses)

Club Zarate is a warm restaurant located in the area of Caminito Street, La Boca, also known as the area of colorful houses.

The main attraction of this place is the big screen to watch soccer games... to watch Boca Juniors, because nothing really matters more than Boca Juniors (River plate what? Oohh yes the coast-line, yeah…. hahahahaha...)

The place is ornamented with many soccer t-shirts, where the best are the Boca ones signed by the most important players

The menu consists in typical food such us “milanesas” (escalopes), beef, pies, empanadas and delicious meals with chicken. Vegan people: don’t worry there is always a salad waiting for you in every restaurant of Buenos Aires

This Restaurant is perfect to see a soccer match as an argentinean

Let me know if you want to visit the place during the city tour or stop and have a meal or whatssApp +54 9 11 7034 7180

The Rose Garden of Buenos Aires

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is a traditional park located in Palermo District and conforms part of the big "February the 3rd" Park or just Palermo Parks. It has 3,4 hectares and 18000 rose plants , many sculptures, busts , a greek bridge, and an andalusian garden.

It has been declared Cultural Heritage of Buenos Aires, and in 2012 and 2014 won Garden Excellence Award of the world Society Federation of Roses.

The Rose Garden was an idea of Joaquín Anchorena, mayor of Buenos Aires in 1910 and the richest man in that moment.

The park was inagurated on noviember the 22nd of 1914. In That moment 14.650 rose bush were planted. Maybe the most beautiful thing in the park are not roses, but the pergola with trellis that borders the lake

To be visited from Tuesday to Sunday. It closes on rainy days

perfect to be included during the city tour upon request

Guided tours of 1 hour also available upon request or whatssApp +54 9 11 7034 7180

Cook Argentinean food in Buenos Aires

Cook argentinean food like a local

A new experience has arrived to Buenos Aires: located in the very new Colegiales, The experience to live in this original restaurants consists in cooking typical Argentinean food with your own hands.

Their unique lunch concept is to teach you the fundamentals of what being an argentine is all about, while you have more fun than anywhere else. Learn how to close your own empanada using the 'repulge' technique, to order steak your way in Spanish, to prepare your own 'mate' drink, and taste the delicious “alfajores” are in between the unique experiences that you are going to live.

Enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere

Elements for cooking included.

Perfect activity after visiting the highlights of Buenos Aires

Contact us and we will book it for you or whatssApp +54 9 11 7034 7180

Villa Ocampo, Buenos Aires

Villa Ocampo (The Ville of Ocampo Family)

Located in Beccar city, 30 km north from Buenos Aires, in the way to the well- know “El Tigre City”

Villa Ocampo was the weekend mansion of the Ocampo Family, a lineage family which Victoria Ocampo was a talented and well – know writer of the XX Century: appart of beeing a prominent figure of Literature, she was a silent feminist: she refused to marry and have kids in order to work very hard in her passion: to write.

Appart of that, she leaded “Sur” a popular magazine of the XX century in between personalities of culure.

Her mansion was also famous for the meetings inside: The list of distinguished visitors who came to Argentina invited by Victoria would include: Rabindranath Tagore, Igor Stravinsky, Le Corbusier, Albert Camus, Graham Greene, Federico García Lorca, André Malraux, José Ortega y Gasset, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Saint-John Perse (Alexis Léger), among many others.

Come with bealocalinbuenosaires to visit the mansion of this prodigy lineage child. Perfect place to add during the day tour to “El Tigre”.

El Cuartito Pizza, Buenos Aires

El cuartito Pizza Restaurant

If you are loking for a tipical porteño restaurant, you are in the correct place.

with a large capacity, this bustling restaurant serves a great variety of big pizzas with abundant mozzarella cheese and good vibes.

The ornamentation is unique: it consists in newspaper cuttings , pictures of the most important sport-personalities of Argentina, and, of course, soccer t-shirts.

Knowledge of words in Spanish will be necesary to communicate with waiters in this 100% Argentinean place.

El Cuartito, opened everyday. 937 Talcahuano St., Downtown

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