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Buenos Aires, The Paris of South America

Between 1880 and 1930, Argentina received an important influence from France. Progressing was a mandatory for our country in those times. Click here for more info

By the end of the 1870 Argentina was finishing a long period of civil war. At that time a group of liberal intellectuals educated in France got the power. Argentine historians consider 1880 as the starting point for the modern state. This group of young intellectuals (most of them land-owners) "create" a country according to their likings and respecting the trends and madatories of those times: to focus on french ideas, synonymous of progress, education and wealthy. In that way, Buenos Aires passed from an old town into a big international city: The Paris of South America. How could it be possible? The answer is: thanks to the commodities, to the exporting of milions and millions tons of cereal, crops, grain and of course, beef. At the present days, those monumental bulidings are embassies, museums, or malls. Most of them are located at Retiro, Recoleta and Palermo district. Have a tour in english with experts.

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