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My Lovely Buenos Aires. Confinement in the tenement house. Tango Tv Show On demand.

Produced by Madero Tango Productions

Travel to Argentina without moving home.


During the year 1927 a pandemic batters the world and Buenos Aires declares a mandatory confinement for all its citizens to stay at home as from the announcement moment.

A central tenement gathers all the characters that live together during the confinement period. Some of them: owners, couples and ladies in love. Others, like newcomers imigrants are stranded in this place.

This musical Tv Show, set and filmed entirely in the homes of actors and singers during the 2020 confinement, will capture the audience demostrating one more time that Tango is a timeless story of life itself.

Produced by Madero Tango (an expertise Tango House) and directed by Nicolás Cobos and Paola Jean Jean, this tv show releases an ultimate artistic innovation. A show written, directed and interpreted during the 2020 argentine lockdown.

This is a different experience from the clasical Tango Show that visitors do when they travel to Argentina. Live the Tango without moving home. An audiovisual editing challenge that joins together dancers, singers, musicians and actors in a production totally done at distance. With the musical assembly of its orchestra, Madero Tango Productions brings to you a new type of producing artistic musicals in times of social distancing.

The musical show consists in eight weekly chapters. It releases worldwide on August 21st at 9pm (Argentine time zone). You can buy each chapter individually or, at the price of 25.50 USD, you can have access to the whole streaming show.

Check trailer on VIMEO

Send me an email or WhatsApp message to get your discount and I will send a link to buy tickets in tickethoy live with 15% discount :). It is same link of Madero Tango website but with discount :)

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