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Tours for families & Kids: La Plata City

This enigmatic city was founded by Dardo Rocha in 1882, under a big transformation that made Argentina pass from an backward confederation into a modern State, under the leading of the 80's generation: young men, landowners, conservative, and influenced by all the ideas of the progress and the modernization.

The result of this process of bringing ideas and trends from France during 50 years is the plenty of French arquitecture, also outside Buenos Aires city.

At the Present days La Plata is famous for its Stunning Cathedral, its Museum of Natural History and Children's city, a particular theme park with tiny buildings; definitely perfect for families with kids.

The excursion starts in the morning to drive the 51 km that separates Buenos Aires from La Plata.

Once there we are going to do a sightseeing in the Main Square (stops included), the government House, the Parlament, the obelisk of La Plata, and we are going to do a brief walk inside the outstanding Dardo Rocha Passage, and old train Station transformed into a cultural center.

Another very important highlight to be seen in La Plata city is the "Curuchet House", designed by the brilliant architect Le Corbusier

After that we will go straight to The Museum of Natural History. The building has 135 meters or 443 feet long, and houses 3 million fossils and relics (including 44,000 botanical items), and a 58,000-volume library. Around 400,000 visitors pass through its doors yearly

The Museum is famous for participating in the rescue of the temple of Ramesses II organized in 1961 by UNESCO: In that time, Because of the planned construction of a levee in the Nile river that would flood the zone, UNESCO, and the Sudanese, Egyptian and Argentine governments funded a reservation and investigation rescue mission. This resulted in three excavation campaigns. They excavated the temple of Ramesses II from the thirteenth century and in return for their work, The Museum of La Plata received 300 items, 60 of which pertained to the temple of the legendary pharaoh. The remaining items were found in an Egyptian tomb or other prehistoric sites and cemeteries.

So many fossils and history will makes us hungry, so we will stop for lunch in a very nice restaurant of downtown (lunch on the passengers)

Next, its time to know the Amazing New-gothic Cathedral

Being for sure one of the Buenos Aires places of interest, the Cathedral of La Plata which name is exactly "The Immaculate Conception", is the 58th tallest church in the world.

The New-gothic building is inspired by the European cathedrals of Amiens and Cologne. The cornerstone was laid in 1884, however, the Cathedral was not finished until 1999 when the two towers were built besides 200 pinnacles and 800 spires

At the end of the tour we will visit Children's Republic, a city with... small buildings!!

Come with us to know and learn about this city today: La Plata has many to show you and many secrets to be revealed: The origin of the city, its masonic design, the boom of the subversive movements of the 70's, its current housing problems, and the mysterious 4 statues in front of the Cathedral who are giving "Devil's horns" to the Church...

Private Tour, private guide, to need to wait others, no big groups, no big buses

Day trip includes:

Transfers from and to the hotel in a comfortable vehicle

Tickets to the Museum of Natural History

Explanations during the whole tour

The escort of a qualified tour guide.

Private and specialized tour

From Tuesday to Friday. Check for Saturday and Sunday

Total price for groups 4 / 5 or 6 people 380 USD, Total price for the group

Total price for groups from 7 to 17 people 460 USD, Total price for the group


Misterious Stories & Masonery

Argentinean History

Beautiful Architecture

Huge museum of Natural History

Theme Park for kids

Perfect for families

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