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Recommendations for you trip to Buenos Aires.

Climate. Best moment to visit Buenos Aires is in autumn (fall) and winter, between April and august; and November and December. Summer (January to march) is very warm and wet

Low and high Prices. The prices are according to the season, of course, High season in Tourism is from November to April

Uses: we drink mate tea, locals would invite you. In the past, we would share it by drinking all from the same straw. However, after Covid-19 everyone has his own mate recipient and straw :)

Currency. The national currency is peso. However, the rate change very often.

Cruise Port. In here, everything is 2 o 3 times more expensive. It is better to book shore excursions in advance.

Going to a soccer match is an experience that you can do. If you go on you own, try to take the tickets in advance, and be very careful they are not fake.

Is Buenos Aires Safe? Buenos Aires is safe as long as you pay attention. it's a big city. People here say "alligator who fall asleep becomes a bag", that means if you get distract... your bag may end up in others hands... "Can I explore La Boca on your my own?. NO. I don’t recommend that. It’s not a good idea to get inside the not touristic areas of La Boca. You can for sure go on your own to the touristic areas, the Stadium, or Caminito and the colorful houses. You still want to explore la Boca? check here

Attractions: You can explore Buenos Aires on your own absolutely, and at the same time do a city tour or sightseeing tour. They are not selective options. The best way to know Buenos Aires is by doing a tour or sightseeing with a matriculated tour guide: tours covers most of the city, long distances in a short time, but there is many places to be explored on your own, as the Teatro Colon, many art museums, the market of San Telmo, ufff many. Check here

El Tigre City. "There is a train which goes to El Tigre".... Yes, you are right, but it's a bad idea. It takes 1 hour, exactly 1 hour, since the moment the machine starts till it finish in El Tigre (add the time spend in going and come from to the station) And it is always crowded... trust me... I am in this industry since 10 years... To make a comfortable tour to El Tigre, transfers, navigation included and more! click here

Colonia del Sacramento, in Uruguay. A stunning city full of history. Absolutely I recommend visiting it. Colonia was a city founded in 1680 by the Portuguese under a conflict between Portugal and Spain. In that way, the Lusitanian country could control and participate actively in Slavery-trade with Buenos Aires.

At present days Colonia preserves many ancient ruins and edifications from the XVII to the XIX century. Colonia is easily visited from Buenos Aires in 1 day. Yes! You take a ferry and in 1 hour you are in Uruguay. However, the ferry is not a service departing every 15 minutes, and Colonia is not a city that you can visit in 2 hours. Anticipation is necessary, especially on high season (October to April and end of July and beginnings of August), to get better prices and vacancies. In addition, the price of the whole tour (ferry + tour or walking tour + lunch) is the same of only tickets. Booking two days in advance is okay. Although there are ferries departing to Colonia on the afternoon, the best frequencies depart in the morning and come back in the evening. The whole day is perfect to visit this amazing city. Want to visit Colonia? We book and prepare everything for you :)

Things to do in Buenos Aires

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