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Private Tango Lessons

Visit a Milonga and dance Tango like locals do!

Visit a Milonga and do the Tango like locals do!

The experience of having a private Tango Lesson

Expert Teachers

Do Something different and have a Tango lesson with an tango expert

The nicest part of Tango is the feeling that is danced in embrace!

Discover Argentine Tango, discover its embrace and how it makes you feel. That very special moment, a passionate embrace of romance and love or maybe an eternal embrace of timeless friendship, but it's always tango, that embraces you, that makes us one, that unites our hearts in the city of Tango, Buenos Aires

Lenght: 1:30hs / 2 hs with transfers and dance hall included

Check prices, +54 9 11 7034 7180

The "Milonga Tour", Visit a Milonga and Dance with locals!

Have a new experience in Buenos Aires. A Tango Tour + Tango Lesson + Dancing with locals

A milonga is a discotheque of tango, the place where locals go to dance tango.

Feel like a local by dancing tango with porteños

Learn about the real escence of Tango, the escence of embrace and the most important dance steps

The tour is escorted by experts tango teachers. Together visit the most important icons of Argentine Tango: The National Academy of Tango, Caminito Street or San Telmo and a Milonga

The Experience starts in the hotel / apartment where the experts guide will pick you up

It Continues to the dance hall to have a private tango lesson

Next, the attraction to be visited is the National Academy of Tango

After that, the group visit San Telmo (or Caminito) to have another perspective of Tango, and visit the places most related with our music

The Tour ends in a Traditional Milonga, the place where locals meet to dance tango and where you can to practice what you have learned in the tango lesson, and to cheers with champagne :)

About 1:00 am return to the hotel

It includes:

  • Private Tango Lesson in a real dance floor
  • visit the Tango Icons: The Tango Academy and San Telmo Street (or Caminito Street)
  • Milonga, dancing event with cup of champagne
  • Check prices, +54 9 11 7034 7180

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    Tango Show

    Enjoy a Tango Musical. Transportation, dinner with drinks and Tango Show

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