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Visit Buenos Aires with a private tour

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Explore every detail of Buenos Aires.Have a private City Tour. No big buses, no billingual tours.

  • Private Tour
  • Transportation included
  • Four hours
  • Expert tour guide & driver
  • With stops at Plaza de Mayo, Multi colorful houses & Cemetery of Recoleta
  • Pick up and drop off
  • From 35 USD per person
  • 65 USD per person in a comfortable car, minimun two people

    50 USD per person in a big car, minimun tree people

    For 4 people I recommend the
    Hyundai H1
    Mini-van vehicle, it's big and comfortable!.

    Four People 45 USD per person.

    Five people 40 USD per person

    Six people 35 USD per person

    Just tell me when do you want to do the tour

    +54 9 11 7034 7180 faster :)

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    Cheaper options

    Visit the most important and beautiful attractions. Visit La Boca and the Soccer stadium, go inside the historic houses of La Boca and pose with the Metallic flower in Recoleta. The tour includes a pick up from the hotel, stops at Plaza de Mayo (Government House), La Boca, and The Metal flower. Book now. Note: The van is shared, it is not private

    USD 16

    Tour in a small group. Visit the most important attractions. Recoleta Cemetery and Cathedral. Complete tour with 3 stops. Go to La Boca and get inside the historical houses. Pass by the magnific skyscrapers of Puerto Madero and its famous Calatrava's Bridge. It includes pick up and drop off in your hotel. Book now. Note: The van is shared, it is not private

    USD 35

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