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Visit Palermo & Recoleta + Aristocratic Mansions + Drink Mate tea

The nicest collection of Silversmith of colonial times

Drink mate tea. Feel like a local

Different tour. Horse Track & Polo Field. Palermo & Recoleta

Buenos Aires Recoleta + Palermo + Silver-Smithing + Mate tea

Switch your city tour: Discover a collection of Silversmith and try mate tea

Tour our virtual gallery!!

Have a private city tour in the north part of the city: Visit Recoleta, to see its parks, old tress and elegant avenues with strong French influence. The tour continues to Palermo, to see most of old mansions from the belle époque, which turned embassies at the present days. Hidden in between amazing construction in "beaux arts" there is located the monument to a very humble man: Jose de San Martin: our independence hero.

Get amazed by Palermo Parks: This huge park is the favorite for locals to relax, do exercise, walk the dog or just play soccer with kids.

Next, the car/van will take a wide avenue decorated with jacarandas to get the Horse Track (elegant complex build at the end of XIX in french academic Style), the Polo Field and the Islamic Curltural Center

After Palermo it's time to do something different: Belgrano is a traditional district located in the north part of Buenos Aires city, well-known for its huge "barrancas" or rifts (the Barrancas of Belgrano), transformed into a beautiful park with the typical ornamentation from the end of XIX Century: viewpoints, amazing vegetation, fonts and an outstanding gazebo in Art-Noveau Style.

At the present days Belgrano is an elegant and residential neighborhood with attractions as the Museum of Colonial Baroque Art also known as the Museum of Silver

Located in a historical Baroque Style mansion, this institution collects the finest pieces of art from the most talented silversmiths of the XVI to the XVIII, most natives who lived in the "reserves" leaded by the Jesuits Fathers

As a break is necessary we are going to do a stop for a traditional mate infusion, however if you don't like mate tea there is a great variety of delicatessen and infusions to choose at the coffee-store

It Includes entrance to the museum and mate tea with pastries or any other snack like a coffee with croissants or cake etc...

Private Tour with Professional Tour Guide. No big Groups, no bilingual tours, no delays for picking up passengers in different hotels...

Pick up and drop off at the hotel

From Tuesday to Fridays 10 am, Check for Saturday and Sundays

4:30 hs approximate

Pictures of Palermo & Belgrano. Tour our virtual gallery

Location of Belgrano District


2 Passenger 75 USD per person

3 Passengers 60 USD per person

Hyundai H1 mini-van
nice and amplious

3 passengers 77 USD

4 passengers 62 USD

4 passengers 55 USD in a Sprinter van

4:30 hours approximate. Private tour = flexible times :)

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