Enjoy the Pampas, meet the Gauchos.

San Antonio de Areco and Estancias

Have a Day Tour to an Estancia or enjoy San Antonio de Areco, the home of Gauchos and Tradition. Private service with speaking english guide.

Estancias (Ranches)

Estancia Santa Susana,

Good quality, cheapest price.

Santa Susana Ranch is located 70 km autside Buenos Aires

Once there, we will be welcome by the staff with homemade empanadas, wines, sodas or beer

After that, there is free time to do horse-back riding, or stroll in a old cart

Santa Susana has also a replica of an old Pulperia, the meeting ponit of the gauchos untill the XIX Century

It includes lunch, the traditional barbaque with many kinds of saldas and wines, all served by a kind staff.

Santa Susana has one of the best and most enjoyable folklore show, which includes many dances from diferents parts of Argentina, and the classic "gaucho with boleadoras"

If that weren't enough, before leaving the gauchos will show us what the "sortija race" consits


USD 90 per person, cash

USD 95 per person credit card

Sharing bus with others, scorted by a matriculated tour guide!!

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Tranquility in a Ranch of Buenos Aires. Horses and barbaque Tranquility in a Ranch of Buenos Aires. Horses and barbaque
Tranquility in a Ranch of Buenos Aires. Horses and barbaque Tranquility in a Ranch of Buenos Aires. Horses and barbaque

Estancia La Bamba, Premium Service

Estancia La Bamba is a traditional ancient Ranch located 20km outside San Antonio de Areco

After passing the avenue lined with century-old plane trees we will see the master house and the panoramic gallery opening onto the park.

La Bamba de Areco is wellknown to have an outstanding service, a regional and refined culinary tradition, charm and elegance, besides the capacity only for 40 people.

Once there, we will be received kindly by the staff with empanadas, wines, water or sodas


Among the activities that you can do there are Excursions on horseback, by carriage, or mountain bike, swimming pool (between december and march) Argentinian bowls game, and the numerous relaxation areas

This ranch also serves as the base for the international polo team that bears its name. The guest can also watch games during the season, with practice sessions and matches taking place almost daily. Arrangements can be made on request for guests who are experienced polo players

But...How can we visit the Pampas without having a traditional Barbaque?, This delicious meal consists in sausages, T-steak, file mignon, bistec, and more;accompaign with a great variety of salads, and the best argentinean wine

It's all included: transportation, entrance, activities, lunch (including the beberages)

After lunch, its time for the folkloric show. La Bamba de Areco is proud to offer authentic gaucho shows which are private and unique: musical entertainment with folk dances, Native horse-whispering, games of equestrian skill: patos, boleadoras and sortija.

USD 305 per person, private car

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3 visitors USD 295 per person, private car

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A very Exclusive Ranch in the Pampas, Buenos Aires. A very Exclusive Ranch in Buenos Aires. Pampas
A very Exclusive Ranch in Buenos Aires. Pampas A very Exclusive Ranch in Buenos Aires. Pampas

Estancia El Ombu

El Ombu de Areco is located near San Antonio de Areco, two hours away or so from Buenos Aires. A typical countryside village full of history and gaucho tradition that amazes its visitors. The estancia was purchased in 1934 by Enrique Boelcke, Cristina and Eva´s grandfather and Diego and Juan Pablo´s great grandfather, who are the present owners. In 1993 the family decided to receive tourists, becoming one of the first Estancia in the country with more than 25 years of experience with visitors from Argentina and all over the world. More than 350 heads of cattle (Aberdeen Angus) and 70 horses graze in its fields. There is also soya, corn, oat or pastures, depending on the season ploughed in its fields.

You can wander and discover their 300 hectares mainly dedicated to raise bovine cattle. To this purpose you can choose from our 70 horses (according to your riding skills) or carriage on sulkys. The horses suit everybody. Also you can choose cycling or a healthy walk. During the summer you may also swim on our swimming pools or just relax on a deck that looks on to the fields. After lunch there´s folk music, typical dances, “doma India” and/or “tropilla”. Bird watching lovers are provided with binoculars and books about local birds. There’s also football field, volleyball, billiard table, ping pong table.

Big Savings, only online

USD 230 per person, private with speaking english tour guide


USD 190 per person, 3 ppl private, with speaking english guide


USD 175 p/ person, shared bus, with speaking english guide


Without scorting of tour guide, USD 185 per person, 2 ppl, private car


Without the scorting of tour guide, USD 165 p/ person, 3 ppl, private car


Barbaque and folkloric dances in a Ranch. Buenos Aires Barbaque and folkloric dances in a Ranch. Buenos Aires
Barbaque and folkloric dances in a Ranch. Buenos Aires Barbaque and folkloric dances in a Ranch. Buenos Aires
A ranch in San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires Barbaque and folkloric dances in a Ranch. Buenos Aires

Estancia Las Vivoras,

This estancia is something absolutely different of what you have hear or seen about Ranches

Located 200 km south from Buenos Aires, autside Dolores Town. The main attraction of this Ranch is to share the work with gauchos and feel a local

If you always had wondering how is like to live in the Argentinean Pampas, this is the place for you.

You can participate in a variety of activities and country customs. Tasks are performed in the Manga, place where the hacienda for control (placed caravan, vaccination, weaning, touch) is ordered according to time of year. Lovers of horses can also participate in the "Native and rational" taming of our foals that someday play polo.

Other Activity is horseback riding. The horses are criollo or mestizo, and perfectly fit the different types of terrain. During the rides horses and riders to cross streams, bridges and woodland of native trees such as the laurel logging. In each output will learn, among other things, on the polo horse breeding, the operation of the stay, the managing reproduction of Finance. The two brothers take great pleasure in explaining how the field work and talk about the animals and birds that live there. The program is missed out at dawn to accompany the gauchos in their work day (hierra, vaccination touch away, marking, etc.).

For those who want a quieter output horseback riding, we have four carriages of time, which date back to 1920. In this kind of rides visitors can tour the town and its surroundings in a comfortable and relaxing way.

Canoeing trips on the river Vipers to discover the different species of birds, ducks and water animals (otter) that exist in this region. These trips can last about an hour or more. They are ideal for bird watching.

Day use includes: swimming pool, tenis court, horse-back riding, canoeing, lunch, drinks

Don't forget your swim-suit

Las vivoras offers a fine and delicious lunch based on home - made saladas and the well-known "asado" or barbaque


2 to 5 people USD 270 per person, only online. The purchase will be done one by one, please enter as many times as necessary


6 people USD 240 per person, only online


horses in a ranch in Buenos Aires horses in a ranch in Buenos Aires

Visit San Antonio de Areco, home of Gauchos and Tradition

Have a Private tour to the most famous town of the Pampas

Our tour starts early in the morning to take the vehicle which will drive us 110 km outside Buenos Aires

We will pass though the industrial district: soft industries, wholesale supermarkets, to learn about the economy in Argentina at the present days

After that, we will apreciate the infinite Pampas, one of the most famous highlights of Argentina, called like that by the natives; Pampas means "plain region" in their language. This region is famous for its grass perfect to feed cattle and produce excelent beef

Once in San Antonio de Areco Ville, we will visit the church, the main square and some old cofestores called boliches by the inhabitants of Areco

After charging batteries with a coffe, we will visit the Gauchesco Museum, where are displayed many elements related withe the life of Gauchos of the XIX Century.

In La olla de cobre you will have the opportunity to taste handmade chocolates in this place well know by their very kind attention

After Museum we will stop for lunch in front of the River for a traditional Barbaque

What's ncluded? transportation, entrance fees, lunch (with 1 non alcohol drink) and explanations during the whole tour! :)

Private Service.

Safe and comfortable

Speaking english tour guide

2 people, Prices per person USD 140

Prices for groups (up to 6 people) USD 450 Total for the group, 6 or 18 people same price. Lunch and Tickets for museums NOT INCLUDED.

Group of 6 people USD 75 each one.

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Gaucho outfit, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires Gaucho outfit, San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires

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