AnGus Steak-house in Buenos Aires. Try best beef, best price

Try Argentinean beef in  AnGus Parrilla.

AnGus Parrilla

Angus Steak-house in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

San Telmo. Downtown.

Steak-house & Brewely in Buenos Aires.

Opens every day

Steak-house, brewely and drinks in Buenos Aires.

Menu for ARS 1000

Very close from San Telmo, Downton and July the 9th main Road.

Hidden in the little known Montserrat District, AnGus Parrilla is a cool, good & cheap place to try our beef. With a big outdoor space , in here you can have dinner, lunch, breakfast or just a coffe with an argentinean dessert in the afternoong. They offer Tango & Milonga every Saturday at 9 pm

The $1000 Menu includes:

  • Trasportation from or to hotel / AirB&B
  • Starter: empanada, argentinean sausage or chorizo, or provoleta cheese
  • Main Course: Different T-Steak, pasta or Pork
  • Dessert: Flan & caramel (argentinean pudding)fruit salad or hice cream
  • ARS 1000
  • Sunday to Friday from 6 am to 00:00 & more!!

    Tango Nights on Saturdays: come and live Tango like a Porteño. from 9 pm, Tango Lesson + Milonga (Tango Discoteque). Same Menu + Trasportation + Tango Lesson + Milonga, total price ARS 1200

    Pay in Dolars, euros, reales, pesos, credit or debit card

    560 Salta St. Downtown, BUENOS AIRES

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    Steak house in Buenos Aires. Coffee break in AnGus Steak House Beer & Drinks at Night in Buenos Aires Beer & Drinks at Night in Buenos Aires Tango Nights & Milongas in AnGus Steak house, Buenos Aires The chorizo or criole sausage Buenos Aires